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Kunshan NCK Precision Bearing Co. LTD

NCK Bearing specializes in producing miniature bearings, with main products are metric and inch miniature bearings with an inner diameter of 1mm-25mm. It mainly includes miniature bearings, stainless steel bearings, ceramic bearings, deep groove ball bearings, thin-wall bearings, needle bearings, outer spherical bearings, angular contact bearings, and provide non-standard customized bearings for special users’ special needs at the same time to meet the demanding use environment. For a long time, NCK has the characteristics of high precision, convenient use and maintenance, low cost, short delivery cycle, and high cost performance, widely used in automobiles, electronics, medical, energy, entertainment, industry, fishing gear, wind gauges, flow Meter, micro-motor, remote control toys and other fields. In order to allow enterprises to better participate in market competition, we have worked closely with most of the established bearing manufacturers in Shanghai to ensure product service and quality. All bearing products are fully inspected, and in strict accordance with GB/T307.1-2005 as the standard, through RoHS environmental certification and material safety technology/data manual MSDS and other related certifications, providing guarantee for "NCK" bearings to be exported to Europe and the United States.

The vision of NCK bearing:

Become the preferred expert of bearing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprise users.
To achieve this goal, NCK Bearing has established a strong technical team consisting of experienced and skilled product engineers, application engineers, bearing R&D engineers and technicians. Based on our rich bearing knowledge and advanced instruments, equipment and software, NCK Bearing is able to provide our customers with comprehensive services.

  • Vision

    Become the preferred expert of bearing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprise users.

  • Mission

    Innovation changes the world, thinking builds the future

  • Idea

    People oriented, customer led, innovation driven

  • Sense of worth

    Quality, responsibility, cooperation and sharing

Ours advantage

  • Focus on miniature bearing for 20 years

    Focus on the miniature bearing industry for 20 years. Integrate pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services into together, and create more value for customers with a full range of services.
  • Rich experience

    Since its establishment, the company has been adopting the direct selling system, participated in and solved a large number of practical use cases, and accumulated rich application industry experience and knowledge reserve.
  • Large scale

    Scale advantage, pricing by quantity, control purchase cost by using huge purchase quantity to give back to customers.
  • High end market

    Positioned in the high-end market, with rich experience in serving large enterprises and sino-foreign joint ventures, provide solutions and match suitable products according to the customers’ needs.
  • Integrated solutions

    Continuously carry out the supplier development, selection and resource integration. Match suitable suppliers according to the customers’ needs, provide customers with integrated solutions.
  • Strict quality control

    Advanced bearing inspection equipment and professional technicians, perfect QC inspection process, strictly control the bearing quality.

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