Characteristics of ceramic self aligning ball bearing


In the development and application of such engineering products as ceramics, ceramic self-aligning ball bearings are widely used in ceramic engineering. Zirconia (ZrO2) or silicon nitride ceramic materials are used for the self-aligning ball ceramic bearings, rings and rolling elements, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is used as the standard configuration, and glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 (grpa66-25) is generally used in special engineering Plastic (PEEK), stainless steel (AISI SUS304), high temperature resistance up to 260 degrees, with oil-free self lubrication, high-speed operation, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high load, wear resistance, insulation, electrical insulation and other characteristics, can be used in extremely harsh environment and special working conditions. In many countries, the high-speed precision bearings are more widely used in hybrid ceramic self-aligning ball bearings, that is, the hot pressed ceramic self-aligning ball bearings for rolling elements, and the bearing rings are still steel rings. What are the characteristics of ceramic self-aligning ball bearings?

Feature 1: high temperature resistance. The thermal expansion coefficient of ceramic self-aligning ball bearing is small. In the case of high temperature, the bearing will not expand due to temperature, which greatly improves the service temperature of the bearing. The temperature of ceramic self-aligning ball bearing is as high as 220 ℃.

Feature 2: long life. The ceramic self-aligning ball bearing can be used without adding any grease, which means that the bearing can continue to operate even if the grease is dry. In this way, the bearing damage caused by grease drying out in the ordinary bearing is avoided.

Feature 3: insulation. The bearing made of ceramic self-aligning ball bearing can insulate the inner ring and outer ring of the bearing. Because the ceramic self-aligning ball bearing itself is an insulator, which is used in the bearing to achieve the insulation effect, it can be used in the case of conducting electricity. Rolling bearings are mainly composed of rings, rolling elements, retainers, grease, seals and so on. After using ceramic materials, rolling bearing is also called ceramic self-aligning ball bearing.

Nowadays, ceramic self-aligning ball bearing has been widely used in various fields. From the effect of use, the most prominent is to improve the life and speed of the bearing. In order to develop high-speed and high-precision machine tools, it can provide the most basic parts.