Instrument precision bearing


Low friction torque precision miniature bearings are used in aerospace, precision instruments and other high-tech fields, which require long service life and high reliability. Due to the particularity of the parts used, solid lubrication or thin oil lubrication is generally used for the lubrication of bearings.

Instrument bearings are mainly used for sensor bearings, outdoor weather instruments, level instruments, marking instruments and infrared instruments.

1) ABEC5 precision instrument bearings are generally used.

2) The friction torque of the bearing is required to be small, which is called micro friction free bearing.

3) Because the load is very small, the instrument bearing does not need to consider the fatigue life, but has certain requirements for noise; the instrument industry generally requires highly sensitive miniature bearings.

4) When selecting the bearing fit, it is not necessary to consider the influence of the load on the service life, but mainly consider the influence of the thermal expansion of the shaft and the assembly of the shaft. Therefore, the fit with smaller interference should be selected.

5) The working clearance of the bearing is small or zero, but the negative clearance should be avoided to increase the friction and temperature.

Our bearings are widely used in all kinds of instruments. At present, we have cooperation with many precision instrument manufacturers at home and abroad.

Among them, 6700zz (10x15x4) and 685zz (5x11x5) are used in geodetic instruments.

693 (3x8x3) and 692zz (2x6x3) are used in level sensor, line projection instrument, leveling instrument and vertical alignment instrument.

624zz (4x13x5) is used in wind sensor.

682 (2x5x1.5) is used in grating linear displacement sensor.