[dental drill bearing] dental expert - enskai dental drill bearing market potential is unlimited


Kunshan enzikai Bearing Co., Ltd. is specialized in the R & D and production of high-speed drill bearing. It is a professional manufacturer of collet core and drill bearing in China. At present, the company has the development and production of sr144tl (service life of more than 4 months) series drill bearing models. The product retainer is processed with high-quality chemical materials, with stable rotation speed and noise Because of its low quality, precision high-speed dental drill bearing still belongs to the sunrise market in China, and the demand is huge. Enshi Kai company is full of confidence in the unlimited potential of the dental and medical special market, and expects to produce more durable and stable dental drill bearings to meet the needs of terminal enterprises and business partners. In the future, enzikai will continue to make efforts to take root and grow downward, and adhere to the spirit of perseverance God, in the field of bearing segmentation, continuous R & D innovation, pioneering and enterprising! So what is the drill bearing like? The utility model is composed of a high-speed roller bearing, a drill head and a key component, which are called a high-speed roller bearing, a drill head and a key component. The turbine, bearing and shaft are in interference fit and driven by compressed air to rotate at high speed to drive the spring chuck and drill bit installed in the shaft hole to work.

Enskai micro bearing material is made of refined bearing chrome steel zgcr15, GCr15 (SAE52100), stainless steel 9Cr18 (aisi440c), high speed steel or other nonmetallic super hard ceramics (Si3N4).

Tolerance class

GB / t307.1-2005, ultra precision grade P2, P4; precision grade P5, advanced P6 and ordinary grade P0.

Special technical requirements

According to the requirements of the main engine, the users of encikai can put forward special technical requirements, and conclude with us special technical conditions such as bearing material, clearance, contact angle, friction torque, preload and stiffness.


Encikai micro bearing adopts oil, grease and solid lubrication. Users can choose according to the service conditions or discuss with us to determine the lubricant and lubrication mode. In general, the lubrication conditions of the sth micro bearing are suitable for the temperature range of - 30 ℃ to + 100 ℃.


Encikai miniature bearing is vacuum packed with plastic tube or plastic film and then packed into carton. If the user has special requirements for packaging, it can be put forward when ordering.