Enshi keeps up with the times and focuses on the production of ceramic bearings


Enskai focuses on the markets of agriculture, construction, health equipment, machine tools, motors and household appliances, and provides miniature rolling bearings. Enskai is a leading bearing manufacturer in China, providing high-quality bearings for various industries.

With the continuous development of the industrial society, the society also continues to make progress, science and technology change with each passing day, all kinds of equipment have higher requirements for the bearing, the service conditions and use environment of the bearing are more and more stringent, so the corresponding requirements for the structure, performance and material of the bearing are also growing slowly. In some fields with high science and technology and machinery in some environments, such as aviation, metallurgy, chemical industry, electronics, electric power and other fields, the requirements for bearings have also developed from the initial low requirements to special working conditions such as high temperature, high speed, high precision, vacuum, strong acid and so on.

These new requirements can't be met if only the traditional metal bearing is used to improve the structure and lubrication conditions. Therefore, new materials must be developed to make breakthroughs and innovations. Researchers found that ceramic materials have very special properties and can operate in the environment where metal materials and some polymer materials are difficult to work. And it has all the characteristics of bearing materials, so using ceramic materials as bearings has become the hot spot of high-tech development and application in the world, and has become the symbol of mechanical working materials.

Following the needs of the times, Enshi Kai has focused on 440 stainless steel bearings, 304 stainless steel bearings, 316 stainless steel bearings and ceramic bearings. After multi period market investigation, according to the particularity of similar bearing applications, enzkai has not only added new equipment, but also increased relevant technical personnel. With the introduction of original customers, enzkai has gradually formed ceramic bearings Efficient production chain.

The zirconia ceramic bearing, silicon nitride ceramic bearing and full ball ceramic bearing produced by enskai bearing have the following characteristics:

Zirconia ceramic bearing

All ceramic bearing has the characteristics of anti magnetoelectricity and insulation, which can work in very bad environment. Zirconia ceramic material is used for ring and rolling element of bearing.

Silicon nitride ceramic bearing

Silicon nitride ceramic bearing rings and ceramic rolling elements are made of silicon nitride ceramic materials, which are suitable for higher temperature environment. At the same time, it can provide precision bearing for high speed and high precision spindle.

Ceramic bearing with full ball

The full ball type all ceramic bearing has a notch on one side. Because of the non cage design, more ceramic balls are added to the bearing than the standard structure bearing, so the load capacity is improved, and the material limitation can be avoided.