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    Single row angular contact ball bearing

    Angular contact ball bearings support radial and axial loads through asymmetric races, which contain spherical rolling elements of bearings at a certain angle, also known as bearing balls. The deeper the angle between the bearing and its axis, the greater the axial load on the bearing. Because the axial load is inversely proportional to the radial load, the larger the axial load is, the smaller the radial load is. The angular contact ball bearing adopts single row and double row configuration, which depends on the load direction. Single row angular contact ball bearings support only one direction of axial load, while double row angular contact ball bearings support two directions of axial load. In addition, we also produce miniature angular contact ball bearings.

    Angular contact bearings can achieve the same accuracy tolerance as radial bearings, but the designed contact angles are 15 degrees, 30 degrees and 40 degrees to adapt to larger thrust load.

    Angular contact ball bearings are designed for high speed, high precision applications in dental and medical equipment, chemistry, general industries, utilities, turbochargers.

    Angular contact bearing is a common choice for machine tool spindle and other applications. In higher accuracy level, there are high accuracy and high thrust load. They are usually installed in pairs, provide thrust in any direction, and have good stability in critical applications. Dual row angular contact bearings provide shaft rigidity, compactness, higher radial load and moderate thrust in both directions.

    (A) Single row angular contact bearings:

    Single row angular contact ball bearings can only bear thrust load in one direction, and should always be adjusted relative to the other bearing bearing bearing bearing with opposite thrust load. Single row angular contact ball bearings are not separable.

    Spindle bearing is a special design of single row angular contact ball bearing; They are mainly used for high speed spindle of machine tool. The difference between spindle bearing and angular contact ball bearing lies in contact angle, accuracy and cage type. The spindle bearings are manufactured according to series 70 and 72. They are identified by bearing numbers, starting with B.

    (B) Double row angular contact bearing:

    The design of double row angular contact ball bearing corresponds to two single row angular contact ball bearings back to back. The bearing can bear high radial load and thrust load in two directions. It is especially suitable for applications requiring high axial stiffness.

    Double row angular contact bearing with non separable inner ring with filling groove at one end. The main load is carried out by the raceway without filling groove.

    Design properties

    *The specific geometry of raceway and shoulder of angular contact bearing produces ball contact angle to support higher axial load.

    *Extended options include special lubricants, cage materials, preloads and coatings to provide additional corrosion resistance.